I’m Done With Not Talking About Politics

Somewhere along the line I incorporated a sense of “You shouldn’t talk about religion or politics.” I think the logic is that you might upset someone or make a fuss. I’m done with that.

Obviously whatever I’ve been doing is not enough. What we’ve all been doing is not enough. This is a critical period in human history: there are so many of us, and we have so much more technological power to rearrange the Earth. In January, Noam Chomsky described the GOP a “serious danger to human survival”, and that sounds about right. One of the main reasons I was hoping the Senate would flip would be so that Jim Inhofe, the author of “The Great Climate Hoax”, would not continue to be the Senate Environment Committee chair. But he will be, for at least two more years.

The GOP is now also (overtly) the party of misogyny and racism, and as always adheres to the basic principle of corporations and profits over individuals. I’m not the hugest fan of the current incarnation of the Democratic Party, which seems too well connected to big banks and out of touch with workers. But if it is a good enough political for Elizabeth Warren, Bernie Sanders, and Robert Reich, I’ll take it for now and continue to try to push it to the left. I donated to Democratic candidates and GOTV operations this year, much more than past years, and spent maybe an hour on the phone for DFA in NC and NV doing GOTV today.

Had known it was going to be like this, though, I would have given more time and money, and been all over Facebook pushing everyone I know to do the same. Sometimes it feels pretty hopeless, like you’re too small to have any control or make a difference, but we have to be doing something more, something different. *I* have to be do something different. I have a nine-month old daughter and I’d like her to grow up in a world where people govern themselves, and the planet, with dignity, grace, and science. Right now this isn’t looking like it.






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