NCDC 1981-2000 Average Temperatures On Google Maps

I’m taking a road trip through the southwest this winter, and was interested in seeing a map of average temperatures so we would know what we’d be driving through.

When I couldn’t find any easily, I decided to see if I could plot data from the National Climate Data Center [FTP] via the Google Maps API.  I loaded the NCDC flat files from that FTP link into a MySQL database, and then exported it into Google Map objects (php writing out javascript objects).

The result is at, although it is slow (about 30 seconds) to load.  Apparently that’s “normal” for a Google Map with a few thousand objects on it.  I may work on clustering areas where there are a lot of data points.  Here’s a screenshot so you don’t have to wait:

See for interactive version (takes 30s to load).

EDIT: I have since updated the map to cluster and average the weather stations in an area, making it a less interesting looking but more visually accurate map.






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